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Radiator Repair in Dallas

The radiator is the component that is most responsible for keeping your heavy-duty diesel truck's engine cool. Without it, there is every chance that it would overheat, causing major problems both for you and your truck.

At Texas 18 Wheel Services, Inc., we have provided an unrivaled radiator repair service for years. Located conveniently in Dallas, our team of auto-repair technicians possesses all the skill, experience, and know-how needed to ensure that your radiator is returned to full working order as quickly as possible.

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Texas 18 Wheel Services, Inc.: The Truck Radiator Experts

In essence, the radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool. As you may be aware, things can get pretty heated under the hood. The mechanical motion of hundreds of interlinked components mixing with a bustling engine, oil filters, and fanbelts can make it extremely hot. If not cooled, this friction could cause lots of problems. The radiator ensures that the engine stays sufficiently cool to ensure that it completes its primary function correctly.

It achieves this by ensuring that coolant is passed through to the engine. The coolant, in this case, is generally water but could also be antifreeze. The radiator ensures that this liquid is heated up within the engine to run effectively but is then cooled down outside the engine for optimal cooling purposes.

In general, the radiator is located at the front of the truck's hood near the grill to maximize available airflow. Our team of knowledgeable truck radiator technicians will ensure that your truck's radiator is functioning at its best.

Radiator Maintenance: Coolant Levels

Irrespective of the importance of your heavy-duty diesel truck's radiator, it is necessary to ensure that coolant levels are high enough--otherwise, your engine will certainly overheat. It is always important to remember to never fill coolant to your truck while the engine is hot. To do so could severely damage the engine.

Reliable Radiator Repairs

A radiator that isn't performing optimally will let you know quickly that there is a problem. Three signs to look out for include:

  1. Coolant Leaks: If you notice that there are coolant leaks appearing under your truck, then it is time to get the problem fixed. Our team of mechanics will undertake a pressure test to determine the type and scale of the potential damage.
  1. Overheating: If your heavy-duty diesel truck is constantly overheating, then it is a telltale sign that your radiator is failing. Time is very much of the essence in this regard as a repair could end up saving you thousands of dollars.
  1. Radiator Sludge: One of the most common radiator-related problems is sludge. The build-up of sludge can darken the coolant. It can also cause drainage issues and result in coolant build-up in the radiator.

Dallas Radiator Repair Specialists

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Your truck relies on its radiator to keep its engine functioning. Rely on our team to maintain and repair your truck's radiator so you can always stay safe on the road. Contact us now!

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